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Kindermusik Adventures

Newborns to 7 years

Your summer adventures will be enhanced with new songs, stories and musical activities that will bring miles of smiles !

 Join us for 5 weeks during JULY/AUG 

$85 includes new album of music, book, instrument & crafts

We are eager to gather again in our Kindermusik studio room, which means class size is limited to 8 students.

Peekaboo    Babies and Toddlers  LOVE this game, and you will have a delightful array of new songs and ways to play this baby favorite... and so many more.  Babies up to 20 months old and their favorite partners will be delightfully engaged in vocal play, sensory exploration, and so much learning through this interactive play.

Beach Days   - Whether you love the real beach, like me, or if you prefer homemade or pretend versions, these beach and ocean themed songs, stories, dances and activities will soon become favorites.  Look carefully at the age ranges to find the right fit for your family.  You may prefer a more narrow age range if your child is just learning to socialize and you are looking to make connections with others their age. 

Or you may prefer our Family Style Mixed Age class groups for children (babies - 5 years) to engage fully with all your children during our class adventures.  The interactions between family members are the true magic that happens here, with Ms Debbie providing a variety of ways to you to engage with each age.

SPLASH! - Oh, the wonderous imaginative adventures that WATER brings out in our children.  We'll go fishing on the river, and play with  penguins on the beach.   Your backyard kiddie pool may be transformed into a river boat set out to explore the jungle creatures, or a pirate ship sailing the seven seas in search of treasure. 

Your older 3 - 6 year old is likely eager to be more independent, have more desire to be a part of imaginative story telling adventures, and interact more freely with their friends.  These inquiring minds are also ready for more complex musical play, like sound effects with story telling, and ensemble development.    Students participate independently for 30 minutes, then parents and sibling join us for the last 15 minutes of class.   

Drums, Drums, Drums - The joy, connection and rhythmic freedom of a drum circle on the beach will fill your summer with beautiful beats, and reduce your stress. YES!  Our musical recordings, stories, dances and games reflect cultures from Africa and South America.  Our drum play and full body movements will build a foundation for rhythmic patterns for your young musician. 

This program is designed for children 5-7 years old entering Kindergarten to 2nd grade, and is a perfect introduction or addition to our pinnacle Level 5 programs.  Students participate independently for 45 minutes, then parents and siblings can join us for the last 15 minutes of class.   


PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss your unique child or family situation / schedule.  We will work together to set you family up for a delightful summer full of music, learning & adventures.  I look forward to our conversations. 

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FULL enrollment for each program comes with a FULL set including:

Access to a NEW full album of music ONLINE and in your Kindermusik APP.

Physical:  child's activity and story book, & instrument or play prop...

CRAFT materials for several projects we'll enjoy this summer.

Unit Specific additions:

Peekaboo:   a Kindermusik Scarf

Beach Days:  a wooden dolphin shaped shaker 

SPLASH!   a Kindermusik beach ball 

Drums, Drums, Drums:   a Kindermusik hand drum 

Once the session begins, physical materials can only be returned for a refund if they are UNOPENED.   ONLINE materials cannot be refunded once access is gained.