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Kindermusik Level 2 - Virtual

1 year to 4 years

Kindermusik Level 2 focuses on the unique development of children from around 18 months to 3 years old, along with their favorite adult partner, providing a dynamic and integrated musical learning experience for everyone.

Our VIRTUAL classes allow for the whole family to participate, children of all ages, and even grandparents may enjoy being part of this musical play.  No travel, simply find a comfortable space for you and your little ones to sit together to engage and explore, as well as plenty of space to move and dance.  Before class, you'll get a CODE to join us via ZOOM, and a list of objects and items to gather and have handy for each activity. 

Another BONUS of VIRTUAL classes are the ability to participate multiple times per week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Each week your family will love singing, dancing, and playing instruments together with your new friends and you'll love helping them practice a wide variety of abilities such as gross and fine motor skills, turn-taking, social skills, and active listening. In class, we'll also share tips and ideas for using music throughout the week.   Children and parents are invited to share ideas for creative movement and answer interesting questions during class.

    In truth, the real magic happens as the child's favorite adult partner interact and engage with each other in the way the child learns best, with Ms Debbie as your musical guide.   This is the perfect opportunity to take time in your day to be FULLY PRESENT in the moment, engaging playfully and learning to support your child's overall development as well as nurture their musical nature.

    Our SPRING themes and units include:

    March:  Up in the SKY 

    Up, Up, and away!  In this unit, we’ll explore all the things that find their home in the sky through songs, instruments, vocal play, and listening activities.  Get ready to fly kites, meet Mister Robin, pretend to be clouds, and reach for the stars.  There so much fun and learning Up in the Sky!

    April:  Colors and Shapes on the Farm 

    Get on your tractor and drive down to the barn – it’s time to encounter a farmyard of fun!  In this unit, we’ll explore some of the colors, shapes, and sounds found on the farm as we walk in the green grass, go ‘round and ‘round a haystack, and listen to the roosters crowing and pigs oinking.  COLORS & SHAPES ON THE FARM is loaded with songs, dances, instrument play alongs, as well as listening activities that provide lots of play and lots of learning.  So come on down to the farm!

    MAY:  Pet Parade        

    Gather your critters!  It’s time for some pet-themed fun as we sing, dance, play instruments and share our experiences of the animals that bring love and laughter into our lives.  We’ll gallop like horses, scamper like mince, and fly like birds as we develop our motor skills, vocabulary, recall, imagination, and so much more.  Get ready to meow, neigh, woof and squeak along as we all join in the Pet Parade.   

    Plus, the joyful learning continues throughout your week at home with your music, story and all your materials. Throughout ALL the weeks, families receive emails tips, resources, and ideas for infusing music regularly into your daily routines, and developing rituals for relationship building.  And we can share with each other through our private Facebook group, and online gatherings with just the adults!  

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    On your Kindermusik APP on any mobile device, you will gain lifetime access to a new ALBUM for each unit of delightful originally arranged recordings, featuring a variety of voices, instruments, and styles presenting songs and chants you will love listening to again and again. 

    Each unique themed unit has options for more home materials in 2 formats:

    Lifetime Online access to Digital Materials: through

    • Listen to, or download the music album onto your computer
    • E-book of the story we'll be reading in class
    • Download a variety of PRINTABLES with lyrics and more as your "tools" 
    • SEVEN other ACTIVITY Idea Starters for you and baby.

    Physical Materials


    • CD of high quality music - same recordings as on Kindermusik APP
    • Baby Board book with interesting characters, story lines, and word plays
    • A Unique Instrument - designed and made durable and safe for babies. 
    Each unit includes a different instrument:
    • Up in the Sky  -  Yellow-green clacker
    • Colors on the Farm  -  Shape shakers
    • Pet Parade - one-bell jingle stick

     Of course, you can choose to have both the digital set and the Physical set for and additional $40.  Honestly, it is well worth the cost as it gives you the best of both worlds and your children will grow through their continued use during each of their developing ages and stages.