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Playdate for Families

Newborns to 7 years

Your family will be immersed in a seasonally themed adventure with each of these are one-time Kindermusik events.  First, you may want to wear outfits to match the theme, as the room is decorated, and there will be a place to take adorable photos of your family during gathering time, and there will be lots of opportunities to capture moments of joy as our time making music together progresses.   

Children and their parents (or favorite partners) participate in a 45 - 60 min. Kindermusik event full of singing, moving, dancing, story telling, imaginary play, exploring instruments, and more... 

Each family then gets to take home the music we use for our activities, a Sharing Sheet with lyrics and activity ideas, and an instrument or prop to continue these delights all season.  Indicate your interest in the EVENTS on Facebook and get steeped in that seasonal theme as we get closer to the event, such as what kind of instrument or prop you will take home after each event. 

Sibling cost is just $10. Sibling babies under 1 are free.  Call if questions.

October: "Pumpkin Party" -  Real pumpkins of all shapes and sizes surround us as we explore, through music, stories, and movement, the themes of planting a pumpkin garden, exploring these big round orange orbs, dancing like scarecrows, making jack-o-lantern faces, and glowing in the dark !  

November: "Frolicsome Fall" - Falling leaves (yes, really) migrating birds (in song) and native drums (of course) are all here to invite us into, the wonderful feel of Fall, frolicking in leaves with their crisp sounds and colors, traveling and visiting with family and friends, and expressing the gratefulness we feel during this season.   

December: "Winter Wonderland" -  Step into a COOL scene with this delightful collection of songs and activities that celebrate the magic of winter.  We'll go "ice skating" and enjoy the many ways to play with snow.  and enjoy the many ways to play with snow (in a multitude of Florida ways !    

Try turning your phone sideways for more detail...

Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Sat at 9:00 AM starts 12/12/20 Winter Wonderland 0-5 Miss Debbie UMT-Lakeland $20.00 Register!
Sat at 10:30 AM starts 12/12/20 Winter Wonderland 0-5 Miss Debbie UMT-Lakeland $20.00 Register!
Fri at 9:00 AM starts 12/11/20 Winter Wonderland 10m-22m Miss Debbie UMT-Lakeland $25.00 Register!

The home materials for EACH of these classes include:

10 new recordings you will LOVE

Sharing Sheets with song lyrics & activity ideas

Unique props for play and/or instruments 

The details will be announced on each of these Facebook events.  LIKE our Music Connections Facebook Page, and indicate which Playdates interest you so you can follow the ongoing tips and treasures that go along with it.