Welcome to Music Connections


You found our Happy Space!   Music Connections happen here.


Bringing the magic of music into the lives of children and families is my passion.  Of course, Kindermusik is my favorite method of doing this because parents are so involved in the music process, in class, and every day with these delightful and spontaneous little personalities.

This is a place where we can help each other thrive through the process and connections that music can offer... within each child, within each family, within our class groups, and with our community.  THAT is the heart of  Music Connections. 

Is this the right place for your family?  Take a moment to learn a bit more about us, and visit a class.  Give us a chance to get to know more about your child and your family, and what you need most during these magical younger years of childhood. Perhaps we can be just what we need for each other. 

Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions

See you soon!

Merry Melodies,

Debbie Mondale